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The Ontario Dietitians in Public Health (ODPH) has launched a campaign to bring food insecurity into the conversation ahead of the 2018 election.    

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Risk Management - PHASE 3
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Operational Level                                                               

PHASE 3 - Further Implementation within the PHU

Phase 3 focuses on rolling out the risk management program to all operational levels of the organization.  This phase may take a number of years to fully implement.

Leadership Suggestion: Staff from each Division/Department/Program/Team/Project should form working groups to lead the activities in their areas throughout Phase 3.

The following activities will often take place during the third phase of implementing risk management.

Orient staff to risk management, benefits to the operational level, the public health unit's policy, the risk management framework, timelines and processes.
Identify and assign responsibility and resources to staff who will be risk management leads at operational levels, e.g., divisions, departments, programs, teams and projects.
Implement the risk management program within the defined timelines and identify operational-level risks and mitigation strategies.
Review the progress made on mitigation strategies and reassess risks and risk scores at predetermined intervals.
Link with accreditation processes, where appropriate.
Establish on-going staff orientation and training programs.


PHASE 1- Setting the Stage

PHASE 2 - Developing the System and Defining the PHU level risks


PHASE 3 RESOURCES - click here for a list of resources that support Phase 3.


Other Resources

- 3 Phases Overview          PDF          MS Word

- November 2015 Workshop

- February 2016 Workshop

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