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alPHa Resolutions - Chronic Disease Prevention
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alPHa Position

Given that treatment of chronic diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases have only limited impact on reducing their incidence and burden, prevention and early detection are critical strategies to reducing their associated morbidity and mortality. Governments at all levels and research institutions must continually optimize these strategies by implementing reliable screening protocols, improving awareness and acting where possible to minimize risk factors.


Resolution:  # A12-3, Taking Action on Chronic Disease
that alPHa urge the Government of Ontario to endorse the "Taking Action to Prevent Chronic Disease” report from Cancer Care Ontario and Public Health Ontario, and take immediate action towards phased implementation of the report’s twenty-two recommendations for evidence-informed actions to build capacity for chronic disease prevention, to work towards health equity, and to reduce population-level exposure to the underlying modifiable risk factors.

Developments on #A12-3:

July 5 2012

alPHa has written to the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care to notify her of the Resolution.

May 1 2012

PHO-CCO response to alPHa's Letter of Congratulations for the report, Taking Action to Prevent Chronic Disease: Recommendations for a Healthier Ontario

March 29 2012

alPHa has written a letter of congratulations  to the joint Public Health Ontario/Cancer Care Ontario Prevention Working Group on the release of Taking Action to Prevent Chronic Disease - Recommendations for a Healthier Ontario


Resolution: # A07-9, Cancer Care Ontario Support for Boards of Health

alPHa urges Cancer Care Ontario to develop the following:

• a clear process whereby boards of health may obtain timely data for areas smaller than the health unit level

• mechanisms and/or workshops to train public health epidemiologists on cancer analysis techniques

• a forum by which boards of health and CCO can share findings and data quality issues;

Developments on #A07-9:

June 4, 2010

APHEO has met with CCO to discuss the formation of a joint working group (OAHPP has been invited to participate), whose purpose is to facilitate public health unit access and use of good quality cancer data for public health assessment and surveillance.

April 21, 2008

alPHa executive director Linda Stewart met with Dr. John McLaughlin, VP, Population Studies and Surveillance with CCO on April 21, 2008 regarding alPHa's resolution. CCO understands and supports the need for BOHs to get data at a smaller than health unit level, and are committed to developing a clear process whereby BOHs may obtain timely data. The major barrier is privacy legislation – PHIPA. CCO has the data, but there are currently privacy issues for geographic areas will less than 5 cases.

Given an MOH is the end user of the data, CCO offered to ask the Privacy Commissioner to do a privacy impact assessment on the provision of data to BOHs. This is in progress.

December 12, 2007
alPHa has written to the President and CEO of Cancer Care Ontario to introduce this Resolution. Please click here to read.

Resolution: #A02-4, Mandatory Cervical Screening Test Reporting
alPHa urges the Government of Ontario to amend the HPPA and its regulations such that laboratory operators and colposcopists are required to file reports on cervical screening to Cancer Care Ontario. In addition, the Government must investigate mandatory reporting of other non-communicable diseases.


Developments of #A02-4:

October 27, 2006
alPHa has sent a letter to CCO CEO Dr. Terry Sullivan following the release of the Report on Cancer 2020: A Call for Renewed Action on Cancer Prevention and Detection in Ontario, with a request to discuss how alPHa and CCO can work together to achieve its goals and objectives. Each of alPHa’s active cancer-related Resolutions was attached. Please click here to read.

May 1, 2006
Cancer Care Ontario's 2006 Cancer System Quality Index has been published, which uses 25 indicators to measure cancer care system performance. The following is an excerpt from the Cervical Cancer Screening section:

Data Sources

  • Cytobase is an Ontario Pap test registry that captures data from participating laboratories (MDS, Gamma Dynacare, Canadian Medical Laboratories, Medical Laboratories of Windsor), and about 85% of all Ontario Pap test screening.
  • Statistics Canada, Annual Demographic Statistics 2004 (population statistics)
  • Canadian Community Health Survey (to correct for hysterectomies)


May 5, 2005
Letter sent to Minister of Health and Long Term Care re-introducing resolution A02-4, on mandatory cervical screening test results reporting. Please click here to read.


February 7, 2003
Received a response from Geoff Kettel at the Public Health Branch indicating that the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) is aware of Manitoba's prescribed registry of cervical cancer screening results, and that the MOHLTC will continue to work with Cancer Care Ontario to build on the Ontario Cervical Screening Program. This will include a review of the legislative barriers to information access and the use and disclosure of data.


CLOSED Resolution:  #A06-3, Health-Based Regulation of the Management and Use of Artificial Tanning Equipment
alPHa urges the Government of Ontario to pass and promote legislation governing the use and management of artificial tanning equipment based on the World Health Organization report, Artificial Tanning Sunbeds - Risks and Guidance.

Reason for Closure:

October 9 2013The Ontario Legislature has unanimously passed Bill 30, The Skin Cancer Prevention Act into law. It includes restrictions on the use of artificial tanning equipment to adults over the age of 18, but does not directly address other elements of the alPHa Resolution. Regulations are still to be drafted, and may include some of these. alPHa has written a letter to the MOHLTC congratulating the Government for passage of the Skin Cancer Prevention Act (Tanning Beds), with a request to participate in the development of the associated regulations. Please click here to read.

CLOSED Resolution: #A03-3, Helicobacter Pylori and Gastric Cancer Prevention
alPHa urges the Canadian Institute of Health Research and Ontario Ministry of Enterprise, Opportunity and Innovation to fund a demonstration project to evaluate the merits of a high-risk H. pylori screening and treatment program.

Developments on #A03-3:

February 8, 2009
alPHa has received an excerpt on stomach cancer from the Canadian Cancer Society's Canadian Cancer Encyclopedia, which includes the following statement:

"To date, there is no screening test recommended for stomach cancer. Because of the low incidence of stomach cancer in Canada, mass screening of the general population using upper gastrointestinal (GI) series (barium swallow) or gastroscopy (endoscopy of the upper GI tract) would not be cost effective."


CLOSED Resolution: # A01-11, Colorectal Cancer Screening
alPHa urges the Government of Ontario to approve and fund Cancer Care Ontario’s Colorectal Cancer Screening Pilot Project so that the project can be implemented and evaluated as soon as possible and by so doing, lay the groundwork for the establishment of a future organized Ontario colorectal cancer screening program.


Developments on #A01-11:

May 4, 2007
The MOHLTC has provided a breakdown of the distribution of $11M among LHINs for 2007-08 colorectal screening programs.

April 27, 2007
alPHa Board of Directors closes Resolution A01-11.

April 24, 2007
alPHa Advocacy Committee recommends closure of Resolution.


January 23, 2007
The Ontario Government has announced investments of $193.5 million over the next five years to implement and expand a program to increase access to colorectal cancer screening for Ontarians aged 50 years or older. Please click here to read the government news release.

CLOSED Resolution: # A01-4, Continuation of Funding to Ensure Sustainable Heart Health Promotion Programming in Ontario
Operative clause not available


Developments on #A01-4:

February 1, 2007
Resolution closed by alPHa Board of Directors.

December 11, 2006
alPHa Advocacy Committee recommends closure of this Resolution as it resolution asked for extension of the provincial portion of the Ontario Heart Health programs specifically for the period beginning April 1, 2003. In November of 2002, the province committed $17M over five years. Ontario Heart Health community partnerships are singled out as key players in the Ministry of Health Promotion’s Healthy Eating, Active Living action plan.

Note – On October 23rd 2006, the federal government announced a national Heart Health strategy, with investments of $3.2 million this fiscal year, which will increase to $5.2 million annually for future years.

November 19, 2002
Province announced funding of $17 million to extend the Ontario Heart Health Program for another 5 years.

Local Board Resolutions - Chronic Disease

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
TPH - PH Policy and CDP PDF (94.62 KB)  more ] Administration 2015-02-02
TBDHU - Bill 30 - Tanning Beds PDF (162.01 KB)  more ] Administration 2013-10-08
WECHU - Bill 30 - Tanning Beds PDF (383.4 KB)  more ] Administration 2013-07-29
Durham - Bill 30 - Tanning Beds PDF (72.95 KB)  more ] Administration 2013-06-21
Algoma - Cancer Data PDF (43.68 KB)  more ] Administration 2013-05-23
Niagara - Bill 30, Tanning Beds PDF (732.6 KB)  more ] Administration 2013-05-03
MLHU - Bill 30 - Tanning Beds PDF (161.45 KB)  more ] Administration 2013-04-30
TPH - Tanning Beds PDF (96.82 KB)  more ] Administration 2013-04-02
SMDHU - Tanning Beds PDF (208.69 KB)  more ] Administration 2012-11-23
Timiskaming - Tanning Beds PDF (147.54 KB)  more ] Administration 2012-11-23
MLHU - Tanning Beds PDF (106.67 KB)  more ] Administration 2012-11-23
PCCHU - Tanning Beds PDF (254.51 KB)  more ] Administration 2012-11-23
SDHU - Municipal Planning for Health PDF (188.31 KB)  more ] Administration 2012-11-23
Porcupine - Tanning Beds PDF (111.17 KB)  more ] Administration 2012-11-23
KFLA - Tanning Beds PDF (91.44 KB)  more ] Administration 2012-11-23