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No Money for Food is...

The Ontario Dietitians
in Public Health (ODPH)
has launched a campaign
to bring food insecurity
into the conversation
ahead of the 2018

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Membership Benefits
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alPHa provides benefits to members in a variety of ways. 

  • Advocacy – alPHa communicates health units’ issues, concerns and solutions on public health matters to government and decision-makers. It facilitates joint meetings between members and decision-makers to share information and expertise to improve Ontario’s public health system.

  • Communications - To help them do their day-to-day jobs effectively, we keep members informed on latest news and events as well as emerging issues through current technologies, including our website, e-newsletters and listserves.

  • Education – alPHa holds timely, relevant and informative sessions and programs to enrich members’ knowledge on issues, developments and challenges affecting the delivery of public health programs and services. Education programs include the Annual Conference, Fall Symposium, and Winter Symposium.

  • Representation – Through membership in alPHa, our members have the opportunity to work on key issues and represent their public health colleagues on committees, working groups and alliances. 
  • Member Services 
    • Group Plans – We negotiate discounts and preferred pricing for members on various services and programs such as employer health benefits, personal home and auto insurance, and business supplies.
    • Web-based Networking – alPHa’s website is not only a valuable information source for members, but an online community where members can interact and network with each another one-on-one or in groups. 
    • Directories – alPHa produces two directories listing Canadian and Ontario public health offices.
    • Recognition – The Distinguished Service Award is presented each year to deserving individuals for their outstanding contributions to public health. 
    • Team Building – Each spring, health units engage in friendly competition through the  alPHa Annual Fitness Challenge. The goals is to involve the entire staff in physical activity for 30 minutes on a designated day.  

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Waterloo Region Integrated Drug Strategy: 
Opioid Crisis Requires Action


One of a series of PSAs that are intended to combat stigma around drug addiction and 
foster empathy in the community.

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