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alPHa Resolutions - Seniors' Health
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alPHa Position

The Government of Ontario must ensure that boarding or lodging houses, including rest and retirement homes, are required to register with local boards of health and municipalities. The Government must also ensure that minimum standards for personal care are established for the above mentioned homes that provide such care for their residents. The Association of Municipalities of Ontario must support this resolution.



CLOSED Resolution: #A06-5, Boarding or Lodging Homes
alPHa urges the Government of Ontario to review the need to regulate boarding or lodging houses, including rest and retirement homes

Reason for Closure:

April 26 2013

THe alPHa Board has closed this resolution as the Retirement Homes Act was passed in 2010.  Although there is still no provision for registering with public health nor any mention of an expanded public health role in enforcing personal care standards, the Resolution was in effect calling for Government regulation of retirement homes, which is now in effect.

May 16 2011

ONTARIO REGULATION 166/11, made under the RETIREMENT HOMES ACT, 2010 has been filed. None of the changes proposed in alPHa's correspondence was incorporated. Please click here to read.

Local Board Resolutions - Senior Years

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Niagara - Retirement Homes Act Review PDF (315.64 KB)  more ] Administration 2015-10-07
Durham - Seniors Strategy PDF (91.27 KB)  more ] Administration 2013-06-21
Durham - Consumer Protection Retirement Homes PDF (117.12 KB)  more ] Administration 2012-11-23
Durham - Regulations For Lodging & Boarding Houses PDF (625.15 KB)  more ] Administration 2012-11-23