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alPHa Resolutions - Emergency Preparedness
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alPHa Position

Public health activities generally fall into three categories - primary prevention (i.e. of the appearance of a health hazard), preventive control measures (i.e. where a health hazard has appeared, preventing negative health impacts) and finally responsive control measures (i.e. minimizing the further incidence of negative health impacts once they are established). Public Health is a critical consideration in all emergency plans, and public health units must be actively engaged in their development. 

Resolution: #A05-3, Health Care Facilities Evacuation Plans
alPHa urges the Government of Ontario to develop and/or amend legislation such that all HCFs, including long-term care homes, are required to have written evacuation plans that include as a minimum the isolation, evacuation, transportation, relocation of residents/ patients to a collection centre or other facility and details on their continuity of care; AND FURTHER THAT such legislation also require HCFs to practice and evaluate their evacuation plans on a regular basis; AND FURTHER THAT the Government of Ontario consults widely with EMS providers, hospitals, long-term care homes, municipalities and other key stakeholders to implement such legislation.

Note: Most HCFs evacuation plans that do exist identify how to evacuate the building but do not specifically address the isolation, evacuation and relocation of residents/patients and continuity of care.

Developments on #A05-3:

  • May 10, 2007
    alPHa has written a letter to re-introduce this resolution to the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, as no response was ever received to the letter described below. Please click here to read.
  • December 15, 2005
    alPHa has sent a letter to the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care introducing this and several other Resolutions passed at the 2005 Annual General Meeting. Please click here to view the letter.


CLOSED Resolution: #A05-14, Community Pharmacies and Public Health Emergencies
alPHa urges the Government of Ontario to immediately initiate discussions/negotiations with representatives of chain and independent community pharmacies regarding the provision of emergency management support services during provincial public health emergencies.

Developments on #A05-14:

  • October 30, 2007
    alPHa Advocacy Committee has recommended closure of this Resolution as the provisions of Bill 171 more than satisfy the intent of the operative clause.
  • June 4, 7007
    Bill 171 has received Royal Assent. Schedule F makes several amendments to the HPPA, including S77.5, which authorizes the Minister to make orders to procure necessary supplies (including medications) where the Chief Medical Officer of Health determines that there is a health risk that warrants exercising such procurement powers. Please click here to view the Act.
  • December 12, 2006
    First Reading of Bill 171, The Health System Improvements Act. This is a comprehensive bill with a wide range of legislative amendments, including an HPPA amendment that would "allow the government to ensure more efficient and effectivedistribution of medical supplies when regular procurement processes are unable to meet demand in a public health emergency. This would include the power to, procure, acquire or seize, antitoxins, antivirals, immunizing agents, antibiotics and other pharmaceutical agents and/or medical supplies, subject to reasonable compensation."

Local Board Resolutions - Emergency Preparedness

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Porcupine - Evacuation Plans, First Nations PDF (53.48 KB)  more ] Administration 2016-03-23
Algoma - Evacuation Plans, First Nations PDF (187.73 KB)  more ] Administration 2015-11-06
Perth - Evacuation Plans, First Nations PDF (86.26 KB)  more ] Administration 2015-10-27
PCCHU - Evacuation Plans, First Nations PDF (179.68 KB)  more ] Administration 2015-10-07
GBHU - Evacuation Plans, First Nations PDF (1.7 MB)  more ] Administration 2015-08-12
SDHU - Evacuation Plans, First Nations PDF (79.7 KB)  more ] Administration 2015-07-07
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