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Creating Change in Sudbury District!

Sudbury & District Health Unit’s  You Can Create Change campaign raises awareness of the social and economic factors that determine health and inspires people to take action. Check out their website and the ever-growing list of how people can make a difference. 

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Health Promoting Local By-laws
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This area of alPHa's website has been created to help members access and share health promoting local by-laws.  Boards of health use many approaches to improve and maintain the overall level of health experienced by the communities they serve.  

By-laws are one tool that boards of health can use to impact the broader determinants of health (SDOHs), so we've organized the by-laws by the SDOHs that they are most likely to influence.   This list of SDOHs is taken from the Ontario Public Health Standards.

To access the by-law collection associated with each social determinant of health, click on the SDOH below.  You can also search for specific by-laws using the search function in the upper left hand corner of this website.  Each entry clearly states if it is a by-law that is in place or in process.  If you want to add a by-law to share, you must have an alPHa member login ID and password. Proceed to an SDOH to add to the list of entries.

 Please click on the SDOH Below to Access a List of Related By-laws
 Income and Social Status
 Social Support Networks
 Education and Literacy
 Employment/Working Conditions
 Social and Physical Environments
 Personal Health Practices and Coping Skills
 Healthy Child Development
 Biology and Genetic Endowment
 Health Services
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